A Guide To Amazon Alexa Terminology For Beginners

Have you ever been confused by all the different words used to talk about Amazon Alexa? We’ll review some words and phrases you might hear when using Alexa, Amazon’s smart personal assistant.

Alexa Guard

Alexa Guard is Alexa’s way of helping to keep your home safe. It can turn on and off its bright lights and let you know when sounds like glass breaking or smoke alarms happen.

Alexa Suspects

Alexa will give you a hunch to remind you about something you usually do but might have forgotten. For example, if you say “Alexa, good night” but forget to turn off a connected light, you will be prompted to do so.

Alexa is working together.

Alexa Together is a paid service that lets seniors and their families talk to each other and help them from far away. It can detect falls and send help in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alexa Voice Recognition

Alexa Voice IDs are distinctive voice profiles that Alexa uses to figure out who is utilizing the service and give that person only personalized responses, like reminders and flash briefings.

Amazon Children’s

With Amazon Kids, parents can limit how much their child can use an Echo device. They may limit the time you can listen, stop you from listening, or not let you hear explicit lyrics.


With an announcement, you can simultaneously send a message to all of your Alexa-enabled devices. The Echo device or even the Alexa app can be used to send them.


Alexa Blueprints lets you make a custom skill in minutes without writing code. It does this by using a template that has already been made. You can use them to tell interactive stories, show people about your house, and do many other things.

Mode Brief

Alexa’s responses are condensed in Short Mode. Alexa won’t say “OK” after every question. Instead, she will keep her answers short and give the needed information.

Do Not Disturb

When this function is turned on, it will stop alerts, drop-ins, news releases, calls, and texts, just like the “Do Not Disturb” setting on many smartphones.


With Drop-In, you can immediately link to an Echo device and start talking to the other person. You can Drop Into both your Echo and the Echoes of any of your contacts as long as they have permitted you to do so.


A Flash Briefing is a selection of the most recent news from your favorite broadcast sources that you can change to fit your needs. They are short pieces of sound. They are usually only a minute or two long and are played in a certain order. You might find out about local media, the weather, and the latest news in business and sports.

The Modus Follow-Up

When Follow-Up Mode is turned on, Alexa will listen for a few seconds after asking for something. This implies you can ask Alexa for more than one thing without saying her name first.

Online Translation Service

Live Translation on Amazon is a state-of-the-art feature that can translate conversations in real-time. It might even figure out what language is being spoken without being told. On Echo Show devices, you can also read a transcript.

Parental Dashboard

With Amazon Kids, there is a Parent Dashboard. Parents and guardians can limit their kids’ use of Alexa and other Amazon services. An activity record keeps track of what their child does.

Sidekick’s Reading

Reading Sidekick is another thing that Amazon Kids has to offer. When you use this feature, Alexa will take turns reading to your child. She will help them if they are having trouble or cheer them on if they are doing well. It is made to help kids ages 6 to 9 learn to read independently.


A set of actions that make up a routine are set in motion by a trigger. They link together different things and are made in the Alexa app. When you tell Alexa “goodnight,” you might set a schedule that turns off the lights in the living room or kitchen and turns on the lights in the bedroom.


Skills for Alexa are like apps on your phone. They are made to improve Alexa and can have games, sounds, radio stations, and other features.

Sports news

Like Flash Briefings, Sports Notifications are personalized alerts about how your favorite teams do and when they play. Set up your teams in the Alexa app and ask, “What’s your sporting events update?” to get the latest news.

Voice Purchase

You can add things to your Amazon shopping bag with Alexa Voice Shopping and pay for them with your Echo. It chooses what to show you based on what you’ve bought or what other people are most interested in.

Words to Remember

Funeral: You have to say a word before you tell Alexa anything. It is already set to Alexa, but you can use the Alexa app to change it to Amazon, Computer, Echo, or Ziggy.

Whisper Mode

When Speak Mode is turned on, you can whisper to Alexa and hear her whisper back. This is a great way to use Alexa, but I wouldn’t like to bother anyone.

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