How The Application Of AI Has Revolutionized The Sports Industry

Technology has increased by leaps and bounds in the sports industry. From ticketing systems to player stats, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it much easier for fans to get involved and for game strategies to work better.

AI has changed the game in many different industries, and the sports industry is no exception. AI has made the game more fun and interesting by improving how it is played, how it is analyzed afterward, and even how fans enjoy it. Now, let’s look at seven AI applications that have changed industries.

Player Contribution

It is the most important part of any game, and AI makes it possible to measure even the smallest parts of a player’s performance. AI has a say in everything from improving a player’s performance to figuring out if they will get hurt. When wearable tech and sensors came along, they made life a lot easier.

Using the data from wearable technology, the AI tech can tell if any strain or wear and tear exists. This can help us avoid serious injuries and take the right medicines at the right time to help us fully recover. AI technology can help a single player and a whole team.

Have you seen those high-tech sports cameras that track players with green, red, and yellow lines and spit out stats? Well, that’s not just for looks; it’s also used to keep track of the team’s strategy and level of performance. With the help of AI technology, coaches can plan strategies and games that will help their teams do their best.

Predicting the Results of Matches

76.75 Billion. This is how big the gambling business is. And now, AI is used to predict who will win the holy grail. Even though there was much information, betting scenes used to be based only on assumptions and guesses. There was so much information that it would take months to figure out what would happen.

AI is here again to save the day. It can operate data 125,000 times faster than a human neuron, which means it can quickly process a lot of data. The betting industry got a big boost from this new technology. AI can’t make accurate predictions yet, but it is much faster than people and closer to doing so than the human brain.

Buying Tickets for a Game

Do you remember when Real Madrid and Liverpool won the Champions League? They needed some help controlling the crowd because many fans with tickets were stuck for hours because there were too few staff members on the ground and not enough gates.

The process had to be done by hand, which took a long time and made it hard for die-hard fans to enjoy their long-awaited Final. Bringing AI into the picture could make things easier. Fans who bought tickets can walk into the stadium after being scanned by AI systems that recognize their faces. This action stops bottlenecks at the entrance gates and speeds up the process.

Scouting and Recruiting

If you had read one of our older blogs, we would have talked about how AI has changed how people are found and hired. Now that scouts have more information and insights, they can give up-and-coming stars more chances to show what they can do on a bigger stage.

They would be able to determine how well a player did by looking at the data from sensors and high-tech sports cameras during training sessions. The collected stats are then used to make data-driven conclusions that can assist the scout and the teams in giving promising players a chance.

AI – Referee

Back when technology wasn’t very advanced, it was up to referees to make the right calls. One bad choice can change the course of the game and be the deciding factor. Referees can now look at decisions in real-time with the help of AI technology. Whether it’s an off-side, a foul, or even a goal-not-a-goal, all decisions are based on real-time information.


AI technology is, without a doubt, the future of sports. It doesn’t change what happens but helps people make good decisions. All of these examples and pieces of technology are just the beginning. Artificial Intelligence, which now depends a lot on the increase of Machine Learning, has much more to offer.

Technology is a very interesting field. As time passes, new technologies emerge, and if you wish to stay on top in this interesting field, you need to keep learning about the newest trends. So, to improve your skills, check out the different programs at Great Learning.

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