How To Make An Eye-Catching Animated Logo

In the digital world, logos are being used more and more. There are a lot of logos that catch your eye on your laptop and cell phone screens. Since logo design is becoming more popular, there will be greater competition for original pieces and graphics in all fields.

But adding a secret ingredient can make your brand recipe stand out. Adding a little animation to your logo is the key to getting your product noticed and opening doors. People won’t remember you if you don’t stand for something different.

Custom logo animations are the frontline fighters of your business. They beat all of your rivals and put you in the first place. So, to make the best recipe, you need to know the secret ingredients and how to mix them. In the same way, we’re making a simple method to create your logo animations.

Why does your company need a personalized logo animation?

In the past few years, brands only concentrated on creating logos that could be printed when it came to marketing and problems. But logo animations have come about as the world has grown increasingly digital, and technology has helped.

The minimum need is a static logo, but eye-catching animations that transition from one item to another increase the bar. Because of the media, people can now see how different parts can collaborate to produce smooth animations. Why not do something different with logo animations while everyone else does normal things?

Steps to your awesome logo animation

You can’t get things done as quickly as you can blink. So, to get anywhere, you must pay attention to each step. So, let’s get started with making your logo keep moving.

Step 1: Make the logo file.

After swimming through a sea of ideas and sketches, you finally have a design for your logo and can move on to the next one. Use Adobe Illustrator to prepare the logo file. It is important to have a logo in vector format, so the design doesn’t get messed up. The logo requires the creation of layers so that it can move smoothly. When you are done, exporting their layered logo file is easy.

Step 2: Launch Adobe AfterEffects and import your logo.

At first, the interface’s complicated features might make you feel like you will have a heart attack. But let’s make it easy on you.

⦁ It has the tools you need to draw and make graphics.
⦁ You can organize and manage your project and media files in the project panel.
⦁ The sneak peeks window in the Composition window lets you observe how your animation will take a gander when you are done.
⦁ You can do many different things with the control panel, like manage your media, change the visual effects, and more.
⦁ Timeline: On the right is a timeline where you can assemble your animation.

Step 3: Create an animation.

You must add effects and layers and change the media files to create an animation. Since there are so many stacking and pre-composing features, use them all cautiously and step by step to create the animation. After adding the effect to a logo, the next stage on the timeline needs to be done.

Step 4: Pick a time frame

The essential points of a program are its keyframes, which let you set the time frame. It lets you decide your animation’s start and end so that you can set the length of the whole thing. But because you only have so much time, you require to be aware of the following:

⦁ The logo’s location
⦁ The logo’s size is determined by scaling.
⦁ Rotation tells you where your logo is and lets you make it look like it is spinning.

Step 5: Set the animation’s timing

With all the effects you’ve decided to add to the logo animation, it’s important to pick the right time. You can change and establish the times for animations in the graph editor. How long things last depends on what effects you use. Be diligent in your research and be aware of how long the effect you wish to apply in your logo animations would likely take.

Step 6: Save the file with the logo animation.

While using Adobe After Effects, you may save logo animation clips in MP4 format to maintain the quality of the animation. Nevertheless, because creating an animated logo is to distribute, you must export it as an animated GIF file. Your logo animation is finally ready to be stunning and grab people’s attention immediately.


The easy way to obtain your desired logo animations is to follow the simple guide. The six phases on your screen demonstrate how a logo transitions from static to dynamic in a manner that attracts consumers. One step at a time, mile by mile, you will reach your goal of having a strong presence.

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